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Before contacting us with your questions, we ask that you thoroughly read this page and look for the answers to your questions. This website is very informative. Please do not contact us to ask questions that are already answered on this site.

Is this a safe activity?

Flying in a helicopter is extremely safe. In fact, you are more likely to be in a car accident on the way to the airport! However, there are always risks when flying, like with most any activity. Please read and understand your waiver carefully. As a parent or guardian, you are responsible for making the best decisions for the children in your care.

Can I select any date I want for a helicopter ride?

No. We usually schedule rides once per month at our convenience. There are a lot of moving parts involved for us to make free rides happen for your children. (Pilot's schedule, helicopter's schedule, maintenance, ground crew availability, weather, etc.)

But my child's birthday is coming up. Can't you make an exception and schedule rides on his birthday?

No. We are all volunteers who sacrifice a great deal of our time and money for your children. Unfortunately, we are not paid clowns that can perform for your birthday party.

Can adults ride with the kids?

No. This program is for children. Sometimes, parents insist that their child will be scared without them on board. This is simply not the case 99% of the time. We spend about one hour on the ground prior to flying. During this time, the children become very familiar with the aircraft and their pilot. If a child is not comfortable flying with the other children, he or she can certainly decline the experience.

What if I pay to ride with the kids?

Still no. We don't do this for money. We volunteer for the kids. Not for adults. As an adult, we promise you will still have a lot of fun on the ground. You will also find it very fulfilling watching your child have one of the most fun times of his or her life!

(Rick may be willing to let you ride if you are willing to make a sizable donation to the children's charity of Rick's choice. But we will never accept money directly from you.)

Do we have to sign the waiver and bring it the day of the flight?

Yup. No waiver, no flight. We will not have extra blank waivers at the airport, so be sure to bring yours with you!

Will this be a private experience just for my group of kids?

No. We will schedule your kids with other groups. We usually fly around 50 kids per scheduled date.

(Rick may be willing to create a private experience for your family or group if you are willing to make a sizable donation to the children's charity of Rick's choice. But we will never accept money directly from you.)

How long will the entire experience last?

You can expect 2-3 hours. How long each event lasts depends on how many kids we have flying on your date.

What if the weather is bad?

We obviously hope for perfect weather. However, we can still fly in light rain and snow. If the weather is too severe to be fun or may cause safety concerns, we will contact you by email to advise you the event is being rescheduled.

Can you accommodate children with special needs or handicaps?

Absolutely! These are the kids we love to fly the most! Contact us and we will fly your child so long as we can safely accomplish it.

Ok, you have confirmed a date for me! Now what?

Just wait for your fun day to arrive. We'll be in touch by email 1-2 days in advance to provide you with additional details and directions. The most important thing to remember is that you must have a signed waiver for each child who will fly. Please download and prepare these in advance. You must bring them with you the day of the flights.

What should the children wear?

Kids can wear anything comfortable. Our helicopter has leather seats, so please avoid jeans or other clothes with rivets that might tear the leather. Don't forget cameras. The kids are welcome to bring their cameras in the helicopter. Hats are not recommended as they will likely blow off and be lost.


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