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Video from an actual Young Eagles Event

Here, Rick flies to the roof of Johns Hopkins Hospital and lands as Santa Claus to a hospital full of eagerly expecting kids. He gets out of the helicopter and waives to the children from the corner of the roof. He then enters the hospital, where another "Santa" takes over inside with the kids.

"The world needs more people like Rick Rahim . What a great example for all of us to step up and do something good !"

Paul Cranmer

"Dear Rick:

I am writing to express my gratitude for the generous time and attention you gave my boys on Sunday for the helicopter orientation. My two sons, and our teen neighbor who also came along for the orientation, had a truly memorable day.

My boys' entire attitudes have improved since the orientation. Ever since, I've heard even more conversations regarding aviation than normal. With your attention and guidance, they have realized that if they apply themselves consistently they can succeed.

We were all very impressed with your teaching ability, as well as with the amount of care and attention you gave. They are better boys after having crossed paths with you.

Thank you.


Jenelle R. Embrey aka Mom"


What an amazing experience for kids! And what a wonderfully generous thing to do.

Coming across people like you always restores my faith in humanity!

Thanks Rick.

Ann Rieger
BeFriend-A-Child Mentoring Program
Fairfax County Dept. of Family Services"

"Dear Rick,

Thank you for making a day none of us will ever forget! It was definitely smiles all around for the wish kids and their families.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for taking the time during your family vacation to make a difference for my wish kids.

Rose McHale
Make-A-Wish Foundation of NC"


I cannot thank you enough for today. The kids had a wonderful time! They have talked about nothing else all day. Now BOTH Connor and my nephew David want to be helicopter pilots when they grow up-You inspired them!

Thanks again,
Barbara Rawlings"


Thank you so much for yesterday. The kids came off the flight excited and smiling! The generosity is beyond words.

Todd Shaw
Department of Homeland Security, FEMA"


Thank you so much! I passed the info. along to the 1st grade teachers at our school. I am so impressed at how you give back to the community and share your love of flying. It made me ask myself what can I share with others, thank you!

Marqui Simmons"

"Hi Rick,

The kids had so much fun and have been telling their friends about their great experience!

Many thanks again!

Carmina San Gabriel"


First of all thanks so much for dedicating your time for the kids to learn and live an adventure with the helicopter ride. It is very kind of you to invest time, expense, and effort for the joy of others.

My two boys had a great time and are still talking about it.

Thanks again!

Bret Dennis"

"Dear Rick,

Thanks a lot for the wonderful helicopter ride you gave our kids Sunday - they were all very excited and really, really happy to be this lucky to be able to fly in a real helicopter!!!

Thanks a lot for giving them -and us- this experience for free!

Best Regards,

S. Moeck"

"Dear Rick,

I would like to express my and my kids' (Emil and Lily) gratitude for the special experience you provided for them this Sunday. They are absolutely fascinated with the ride!

I can't explain how happy they and their friends are. Flying a helicopter was the first item on my son's wish list, too! For years he has been fascinated with helicopters.

Thank you once again and all the best.



Last Friday, my mentee Daniel (a part of the Befriend a Child program) was the beneficiary of your very generous program to give free rides to children. You were right, Daniel doesn't smile that much - he's almost 14 and too cool to get excited - but he came off the helicopter with the biggest smile on his face!

For Daniel though, the ride ended up meaning much more to him. His Dad was a Navy helicopter pilot who quit the Navy after 10 years so he could spend more time with his young family. Unbeknownst to him at that time, his wife (Daniel's mother) was diagnosed a short time later with Huntington's Disease, a horrific disease that steals your mind and life itself.

Soon after Daniel got off the helicopter, he said to me that he couldn't believe the sacrifice his father had made. He realized how incredible flying is, how much his father must have loved it, and how much his father had given up so that he could spend more time with him.

You also were an inspiration to me. You really made me want to give back even more. I am not sure how I can do that but I will find a way.

I thought you would want to know what your generosity meant to Daniel and his family and how you inspire others.

Thanks you.

Anne C. Topp
VP, Information Technology
World Wildlife Fund"

"Mr. Rahim,

My kids both say that they had a great time. What a great thing you do.


Aaron Williams"

"Mr. Rahim,

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

It was truly all the kids could tell me about last night. I was unable to attend with them because of a baseball tournament, but I really looked forward to hearing the stories.

Their faces said it all, and their stories spoke of a time they will never forget. I really want to say thank you, what a great thing you do for children.

Brian Carpenter"

"Hi, Rick,

I want to tell you what an amazing time my children had with you yesterday. It was enough to just see the joy in their eyes as they returned. It was really informative for me as well, and I appreciate all that you do for our community of Young Eagles.

Thank you and God bless you and your four little children...

Maggie Abernathy"

"Dear Rick,

Thank you very much for the helicopter rides on May 1st! It was a great day for everyone who could come (there was a scouting event that day, or you would have had even more people!).

Your presentation was passionate, technical, and very engaging. It is especially impressive that you don't discriminate against or in favor of any group of people, so kids don't have to worry if they "belong", the only criterion of belonging being sincere interest.

Best regards,

Luda Dalmat"

"Hi, Rick,

I wanted to thank you for inviting Timeia and her sister Alexis to the helicopter rides.

You are a wonderful person to donate your time and talents to the kids. They could not stop talking about the helicopter ride for days. They learned a lot from your talk.

The girls wanted me to say : "Thank you, you are awsome!!!!!"

Jeanne Rorke"


Thank you so much for today's exciting helicopter ride. Ashmen and Jacey have smiles on their faces from ear to ear every time they tell someone!!

Again, thank you for bringing so much joy to children!!!!!!!

Michelle Hood Clark"


I cannot thank you enough!

My son, who was one of your co-pilots, cannot stop talking about his experience..."mama, people don't believe me, you have to give me some pictures!"

Jackie Simpson"


Thanks for the wonderful time yesterday. I haven't seen my mentee smile like that for a long time. All the best.

Jack Buckley, Mentor"


My son and my family had a tremendous time today at your helicopter presentation today. You are truly blessed and please continue to share your knowledge with the kids.

You are an inspiration to the young and old. Best of Luck!

Mohammed Khan and Family"


Thanks so much for your time and resources yesterday. Phillip was in awe of the flight. We are looking forward to his interest in flight for many years to come.

Our best to you and your family.

Karin and Jim Swenson"

"Mr. Rahim,

Thank you for your generosity for the time that you take out of your busy schedule to make kids that you don't even know happy. My kids will never forget flying in your helicopter. You are the best.


Beverly Moses"

"Mr. Rahim,

Thank you for your generosity for the time that you take out of your busy schedule to make kids that you don't even know happy. My kids will never forget flying in your helicopter. You are the best.


Beverly Moses"


Just wanted to express our appreciation for what you do for the kids.

The kids at our church loved and thoroughly enjoyed the flight today.

We pray that God would continue to bless your ministry to the kids.

Thanks again.

Justin Yang
Youth Pastor
Virginia Korean SDA Church"


Thank you so much for allowing our group this opportunity... What a great experience!

Thanks again!

Jackie Scott"


How nice it was meeting you today at the Leesburg airport. Thank you so very much for the opportunity provided our children this morning.

You should have seen their excited faces when you landed. They talked about it during the lunch meal afterward. A little goes a long way with most kids who have too few positive life exposures.

What a gift you are giving! You bring them hope!!!!!!

Lots of smiles.

Sheila Coates,
Black Woman United for Action"


Thank you so much for the helicopter rides today. The kids had such a great time.

Mikela Burris"


Thank you so much for your time today. The 25 kids had a blast! They prepared a card that I will mail to you. God bless you,

Marie-Ange Lejeune
Our Lady of Guadalupe Homeschool Group"

"Dear Mr. Rahim,

I want to thank you so much for such a wonderful experience on Friday, April 22 for the Befriend A Child mentees. The children that I mentor absolutely loved it. The children had never been in a plane or helicopter previously so they were thrilled by the experience.

I want to thank you for your kindness and generosity. We really appreciate it.

Nancy Portee
Befriend-A-Child Mentor "

"Hi Rick,

The kids had an awesome time and all of them want to do it again next year.

Thanks for taking the time to give these rides. Especially my daughter's friend Bobby Dubas who wants to fly helicopters, his dad is in the service and he wants to also!

Elaine Wiggins"

"Hi Rick,

After I brought my group last year for the helicopter ride, they had such a great time that they are still speaking about the ride. I would like to bring a new group this year of about 12 people. Do you have any open dates?

Take care,
Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum"

"Dear Rick,

Thank you so much for sharing your helicopter with us yesterday. I was a bit nervous at first, but my ride was the best 10 minutes of my life. I think it is great that you do this for kids, and I hope you know how much it meant to me.

Thank you!
Marqui Simmons" "

"Dear Rick,

First of all I want to thank you very much for giving my kids Maggie and Jack a chance to fly with you last Saturday.

Jack's head may still be in the clouds :-) after that amazing experience of two rides in the co-pilot's seat - including some piloting, I understand! It's something they'll never forget.

Perhaps in the future I'll see if I can line up one or two other kids for that fantastic experience - I know my 13-year-old is regretting choosing to go to a high school graduation (for the school where she is in middle school) that day rather than doing the helicopter ride!

Mark Ryland"

"Mr Rahim,

I just wanted to let you know what a great day we had with you while we were in Manteo. You are a fantastic pilot and it was so nice of you to have taken us out for a tour in the helicopter.

The scenery was beautiful and the kids enjoyed every second of the ride.

May God bless your and your family's generosity.

Silvia Lorena Sayers"

Here are some recent pictures of groups that flew with Rick Rahim.

Rick flies for Police Charity


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